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Travel with Us to South Sudan

South Sudan gives adventurous visitors the chance to experience Africa as it once was: amid pristine wilderness, with rare, remote cultural groups that have not been much impacted by modernity. In your elderly age, you will be beaming knowing that you were among the very first to explore sites that will one day be so well-known.

With South Sudan tribal tours, you will gain a deeper understanding of ethnic groups that have inhabited the region's wilderness for thousands of years. Dinka Tribe, Nuer tribe, Mandari Tribe, Acholi tribe, Azande Tribe,  Shiluk tribe (Shollo), Anuak Tribe,  Toposa Tribe, Larim Tribe, and many others will be among the tribes you will meet, as will destinations such as Sudd Swamp.

A tour of South Sudan is a highly personalised cultural journey through one of the world's newest lesser-known countries. Ancient cultural rituals collide with the preconceived notions of travellers to create an incredibly unique and often moving experience.

Since becoming independent in 2011, the country has bounced back to greater economic growth, peace and tranquillity. The tourism industry in the South Sudan accounts for about 4% of total GDP.  Although this country has had a lot of negative publicity, it has a lot of beauty associated with it.Lakes, rivers, 14 national parks, national reserves, the world's largest swamp (Sud), And little is said about perhaps the best birding spots in the world. Some of South Sudan's national parks are larger than some East African countries.

It is common for people to assume that what they see in Juba is everything the country has to offer. Experiencing the countryside in South Sudan is the best part of travelling there. South Sudan's wildlife and remarkable culture remain stranded in vast, remote wilderness, waiting to be discovered with the help of excellent local guides.


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Our Countries have been blessed with great parks, reserves and conservancies that are full of wide diversities of wild animals. Here at Adior Tours, we are at your service, to help you reach these places. 

Bandingilo National Park
Boma National Park
Lantoto National Park
Nimule National park
Shame National Park
South National Park
Kidepo game Reserve
Ezeraf game Reserve

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National Park of Boma


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Southern National Park

Shambe National Reserve

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