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Southern National Park Touring or Filming, Tourist Attractions and Activities: Southern National Park was established in 1939 and spans over 23,000 square kilometers.
The Sue River in the west and the Maridi River in the east border the Southern National Park.
The Southern National Park was created to protect white rhinos and elephants from poaching.

What to see or film in Southern National Park

Tour of the Park,
A variety of aquatic fauna can be found in the rivers that run through Southern National Park.
In Southern National Park, there are aba, which resembles an eel, tilapia, Nile bichir, lungfish, catfish, and a few other types of fish.
Crocodiles of various species Giant eland, waterbuck, kob, hartebeest, korrigum, and other mammals are suitable for filming.

Kordofan giraffe, oribi, northern white rhino, reedbuck, lion, and colobus monkey

There are several galagos, including the Senegal bushbaby and the giant forest hog. Anderson also stated that marabou storks and pelicans could be found in some areas of the park.

Tour and filming requirements and fees in Southern National Park South Sudan, Southern National Park Tourist Attractions and Activities

To tour or film in Southern National Park, you must first obtain permission.

Obtaining a filming permit in South Sudan can be an expensive and time-consuming process, so give us plenty of time to assist you in obtaining the permit for you.

The first step is to complete all required applications with the assistance of Ultimate Wild Safaris.

South Sudanese authorities are popular with their permitting. Make sure you have written permission. Contact us and we will assist you in obtaining a filming permit in South Sudan.
Unauthorized filming, photography, or other recording of government buildings, mills, or other structures, installations, and critical infrastructure such as airports and border controls are prohibited.

Southern National Park Touring or Filming


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